Intelligent Property Services in Greater China

Intelligent Property Services in Greater China

If your company wants to expand market in People’s Republic of China (Mainland China) and the Republic of China (Taiwan), firstly, you should consider how to protect your Intelligent Property Rights including of Domain Name, Trademark and Patent.

Our affiliated firm, Evershine Patent Attorney Firm will co-serve you.

Our Service Coverage
Registration of Domain Name (.cn)
Registration of Trademark in China
Application of Patent in Taiwan
Registration of Trademark in Taiwan

Registration of Domain Name (.cn)
Please be aware that Domain Name (.cn) in Mainland China is not easily applied because they have strict censoring system. Specific requirements may be required.

Registration of Trademark in China
Registering your Trademark is very important in Mainland China. It is a must. Otherwise, it might happen that your Trademark will be registered by other entity when you successfully develop your business in Mainland China.

Application of Patent in Taiwan
Generally speaking, it still cannot be well-protected in Mainland China. We suggest you to keep your critical know-how in outside of Mainland China like Taiwan. You can choose Taiwan as your manufacturing base of your critical components protected by your Patent. Therefore, you should consider to file your patent in Taiwan.

Registration of Trademark in Taiwan
If your products with your brand name would most likely to be sold in Taiwan, we suggest you to register your proprietary Trademark in Taiwan.

Why do we suggest the above-mentioned information? Here’s the analysis:

Some of you may be aware that the Mainland China and the Taiwan are still governed by two different government bodies.

In Taiwan, Government authorities and all companies rather honor IPR (Intelligent Property Right). Moreover, Taiwan engineer salary level is lower than in Europe, Japan and USA. Therefore, a global company can arrange key critical components to be produced or assembled in Taiwan

Taiwan has already signed ECFA (Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement) with Mainland China. Lots of goods exported to Mainland China from Taiwan are levied with low rate customs tax than imported from other area.

The Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) is a preferential trade agreement between the governments of Mainland China and Taiwan that aims to reduce tariffs and commercial barriers when trading. The pact, signed on June 29, 2010 in Chongqing, was seen as the most significant agreement since the two sides split after the Chinese Civil War in 1949. It will boost the current US$110 billion bilateral trade between both sides.

The operation base in Mainland China can buy in bulk components or non-critical components from domestic supplier, and import critical components from Taiwan. Then, assemble or produce them to be the finished products. Some of finished products can be sold in Mainland China domestic market. Others can be exported to non-China area market.

As for penetrating Mainland China domestic market, it can be executed by Mainland China operation base. It needs to be registered as Trademark to protect your success.

Be reminded that Taiwan has about 2 million people who are active in Mainland China now. Some of them started their business from 1990 to present. They are quite familiar with how to manage Mainland China operation base and how to penetrate Mainland China domestic market.

Evershine, being headquartered at Taipei, has its 100% owned company in Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen and Hangzhou. Hence, we are quite familiar with how to operate a business in mainland China.

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