Australia Patent Renewal procedure Q&A

Australia Patent Renewal procedure Q&A

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Q&A for Payment of Annual Fees for Patent Renewal in AUSTRALIA

How long does it take to start paying the renewal patent annual fee after an AUSTRALIA patent is granted?
What is the definition of the due date for the annual renewal patent fee?
How many days before the due date can I start paying?
If the payment is not made after the due date, how long does it take to make the payment and how much is the late payment fee?
How long does it take for the patent to expire?
AUSTRALIA Patent Renewal Fee Regulations webpage?

You must renew the patent in the fourth year of application, whether or not the patent has been granted.
The patent is then renewed each year before the “due date” (the application date).
Patents can be renewed up to 3 months before the due date.
You can still legally pay the annual fee within 6 months after the due date, but you will need to pay a surcharge fee of AUD100 per month.
If the payment is not made within 6 months after the due date, the patent will be expired.
Please refer:

In addition to paying the patent annual fee in AUSTRALIA by the patentee, if you want to pat the annual fee, do you have to go through a patent agent?

No, anyone can pay without a patent attorney.

Usually, countries around the world pay the patent annual fee online and by mail.

Online can be pay by credit card or debit card or pre-deposit account, and mail can be accompanied by check or postal money order or money order.
How many ways are there to pay the patent annual fee in AUSTRALIA?

There are online and pay by post, – use Visa or MasterCard to apply through eServices, and
2. pay by post can be accompanied by Credit Cards (Visa or MasterCard only), checks or money orders using the Payment Form.
Please refer:

1. Online Renewal – Via eServices
Apply via eServices using Visa or MasterCard.

2. Renewal by post:
Fill out the Payment Form for patent renewal and mail it. The address is on the form:
IP Australia (Intellectual Property Office of Australia)
PO Box 200
Woden ACT 2606

Can you give a detailed introduction to the steps for online payment of Renew Online AUSTRALIA patent annual fee?

How many payment methods are there for online matching?


Step 1: Go to the online (eServices) website:
Register for an account:

Step 2: Log in to the eServices website:

Step 3: Click “Renew an IP right”:

Step 4: Click “Start renew”:

Step 5: Enter the patent number “Enter an IP number”: 2013396770

Step 6: Click on “Renewal due”:

Step 7: Click on “Select”:

Step 8: Click on “Add to Cart”:

Step 9: Click “Checkout now”:

Step 10: Click “Continue to payment”:

Step 11: Enter credit card information, and click “Pay now”:

Does the Intellectual Property Office in AUSTRALIA provide a deposit account mechanism for online payment?

Are there any special qualifications required to open a deposit account?

There isn’t a mechanism for providing pre-deposit accounts.

A sample receipt after paying the patent annual fee in AUSTRALIA? What’s in it?


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